Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals

Enquiries are welcome from villagers direct to the Revd A Symonds. Baptisms may be part of a service or held independently. The Churchyard is still open for burials and there is a designated area for cremated remains.

Records Available

The oldest records have been sent to the Essex Record Office, now based in Chelmsford but there are some more recent records available at the Church.

A Memorial Book is open in the Church for inspection.

This is mostly for people to be remembered if they have no other memorial within the Church or churchyard.


Graveyard and Cremated Remains records are available, together with a plan.

Donors to the Church are available with details of the person’s involvement with the church or village when known.

The History of the Organs is available in the Church.


There is a team of flower arrangers who ensure that the flowers are always beautifully arranged each week and they are also available to arrange flowers for those special occasions such as weddings. It is also possible to organize that flowers be arranged on specific dates in memory of a loved one.