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Work on the North Wall

In the summer of 2007 work stated on removing the old cement coating from the North wall. The work started at the West end of the wall.

When the builders reached the chancel, the oldest part of the church at the East end instead of septaria stone they uncovered brickwork and work stopped while the experts were summoned.

Uncovered was a broad wall of Tudor brick with the bottom few feet 18th century brick.

Behind the wall was a void a foot or so deep and in the stone wall behind could be seen the outline of a wide but quite low Norman archway.

St James North Wall

Even the archeologist has no idea of its origin or purpose. Although one rather way out thought was that it might have been the entry to an external hermit’s cell.

As decided by the Diocesan Advisory Committee the whole north wall was rendered with permeable plaster in 2009. An outline of a keystone was left to show where the archway was for future generations.



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